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3000 Cartridge Ear Piercing Studs and Earrings

Ear Piercing Stud Cartridge

The ultimate in hygiene, the Steri Cartridge contains the ear piercing starter earrings and can be loaded in the ear piercing gun while still protected by its sterile cover. The technician never has to touch the cartridge or stud when loading or unloading the instrument. Everything that touches the ear is presterilized and disposable.

The Steri Cartridge is available pre-loaded with a selection of genuine 14kt gold piercing studs or with a variety of 24kt gold plated and surgical stainless steel studs. Choose from 41 styles of starter studs.

Each sterile cartridge contains one stud and one clasp for one step loading.
Everything that touches the ear is pre-sterilized.
Sold in pairs for economical inventory control.
Cartridges may be used in a squeeze ear piercing gun or a spring activated ear piercing gun. Two gun styles but only one inventory of studs.
A single stud can be used for a single piercing without compromising the sterility of the second stud
Completely disposable cartridge cannot be reloaded.
Point of the stud is always visible for accurate piercing.
One piece cartridge operates smoothly – may be repeatedly advanced and retracted prior to firing, for accurate alignment of stud and clasp.

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